Official Highlights: The 2018 Chevy Nova

Official Highlights: The 2018 Chevy Nova

It's official. Chevy has released details regarding the upcoming 2018 Chevy Nova (See Photos). The 2018 Chevy Nova was scheduled to debut at the L.A. Auto Show. Here's the scoop:

The New 2018 Chevy Nova

•New exterior design with more prominent grille, new hood and new LED signature lighting give the latest Chevy Nova a high-tech look

•The 2018 Chevy Nova with 5.0-liter engine will now deliver 420 horsepower. Based on learning’s from developing the high-output 444-horsepower 2018 Chevy Nova SS, the team was able to adapt several of the designs to the 5.0-liter

•A new option, the 2018 Chevy Nova Track Package, debuts for 2017 for customers who want to push their Nova even further at the track

•The V6 Performance Package is now available on automatic 2018 Chevy Nova’s for the first time

•Drivers of automatic-equipped 2018 Nova’s will be able to shift their own gears with new SelectShift Automatic transmission, now a standard feature

•Industry-first technology allows drivers to monitor their own acceleration, g force and braking on the track with new 4.2-inch LCD screen showing Track Apps

•2018 Chevy Nova gets even more technology upgrades including Track Apps, which delivers performance metrics through a 4.2-inch LCD productivity screen. Designed with enthusiasts in mind, it measures g forces, shows acceleration times in quarter-mile and 0-60 increments, and displays braking times complete with automatic and countdown starts

•Also new for 2018 Chevy Nova are two audio systems that deliver premium sound, with a new Shaker Pro system offering nine speakers that pump out 550 watts of power